Gladstone Films

Film and Video, Production and Post

Below are poems that I have written.

Death kisses me.
Enveloping me in her arms
Comforting me in her darkness.
Holding me fast that I might stay.

Morning arrives as a bandit,
That steals my lover away.

You are a Gypsy Princess,
and you are a schoolgirl thief.

You are a woman of mystery,
That no one should dare to keep.

You are at times as a child,
and a woman that I've seen weep.

You are she whom I long for,
It is in your arms, that I wish to sleep.


A shadow cast, a heart made still. A fight to stay, to win take flight.
Of whom I love, but never will. In victory loss, and in loss, my life.
To be as one, to sleep not die. In the dark, Myself, I lie.

A flame my soul, your touch fires. Passion's fool, stands then it's beat.
Numbs my taste for all desires. Steals my light when I'm complete.
Darkness kissed, while love lies spent. Alone to be, but not content.

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