Links for the Indie Filmmaker:
Fractured Atlas - Yeah, you want to check this out.
Photographer's Guide to Privacy
TSA - The rules for flying with Lithium batts.(USA)
NYT link - Info on photographing Federal buildings - A great resource for independents
Kickstarter - Funding site
Indie Nights - Networking Group
NYC MoFTB - Permits and more for shooting in NYC
NYFEN - New York Film Exposure Network
Mark Litwak's site - Entertainment Law Resources
Withoutabox - For festival submissions.
Bob Seigel - Entertainment Attorney
ReelGrok - Filmmaker site, community, networking, portfolios, more

Go find and watch these "making of" suggestions:
Hearts of Darkness - The making of "Apocalypse Now"
Making the Shining - The making of "The Shining"
Making of Psycho - The making of "Psycho"
Blazing Saddles - Listen to the Mel Brooks commentary!
Overnight - The goings on behind "The Boondock Saints"
Living in Oblivion - It just nails the indie experience.

Useful forms and paperwork:
Note these are for information only. I've accumulated them over the years. Please consult an attorney before entering into any legal contract.
By downloading you agree to hold Gladstone Films and Steven Gladstone harmless if you use these forms:

Sample Blank Call Sheet - MS. Excel format
Sample Crew Deal Memo - .pdf
Sample Extras release form- Word Doc
Sample Generic Extras release form- Word Doc
Sample on camera release form- Word Doc
Sample Release with Liability form- Word Doc
Sample Release without Liability form- Word Doc
Festival Submission Spreadsheet- MS. Excel format Enter most of your data on the Festival data workheet, not the TOP PAGE worksheet

Books to read:
The Visual Story - Great Book for Directors and D.P.s
Save the Cat - Excellent book on Screenwriting
David O. Selznick's Hollywood -A great read!