Bolex Resource and Affinity links:
Bolex - The factory web site
Bolex Prism - Explanation about the RX issue
Andrew Alden's site - Informative, also sells Bolex gear
Detailed pages on Bolex - History and technical
ProCam - Bolex sales and service
Joel Schlemowitz Bolex Page - Bolex Wisdom
Chambless Cine Equipment - Sales, service, mail order only
Bolex Collector - History, advertising and more
NCS Products - Time lapse motors and info

Auricon Cameras Resource and Affinity links:
Auricon Wikipedia   - Wikipedia page
Auricon Group - Yahoo Group Auricon
Auricon Ad - Random web page with Auricon Ad

Suggest a link - Have a link you want to share?

Eclair (ACL, NPR) Resource and Affinity links:
Eclair 16mm Community site   - All things Eclair
Eclair ACL Manual - Eric Bickernicks site
CamerasPro - Eclair info and conversions
Wikipedia page - Wikipedia on the Eclair
Les Bosher does ACL - ACL accessories
Bernie O'Doherty - Eclair conversions
AZ Spectrum - Video taps for the ACL

Cinema Products Resource and Affinity links:
Cinema Products Wikipedia   - Wikipedia page
Whitehouse Audio Video - Sales and Service CP-16
Alan Gordon does CP - Super-16 Conversions
AZ Spectrum - Video taps for the CP-16 and GSMO